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Digital Photography at Home and On Location

Digital Photography has been a passion for many people who see it as a way to make a living or just as a way to indulge in a hobby.  The subjects and specialties are endless.  There’s fashion photography, photojournalism, portraits, weddings and too many more to name.  When a photographer has to travel for work or pleasure, making sure they have all their gear is a top priority.  They go through painstaking lengths to pack camera bodies, interchangeable lenses, tripods, props and then, there’s their personal needs.

If they are a hired gun, going from one location to the next, many times they don’t have staff or even a dedicated assistant to help them keep up with their travel plans.  But if they are computer savvy, they know they can rely on services like Groupon to help them make the right choice, because they will search the site and find deals for Hotwire.  Using Hotwire can save time and money.  You spend less time booking travel through Hotwire because you don’t have to make hotel reservations on one site, then search another to add a plane flight, then look elsewhere for a rental car deal.  They allow you to do everything while you’re on their site so you’re less likely to miss a step. And you are more likely to get the best deal on all phases of your journey with Hotwire.  They have connections with more than 173,000 hotels around the world and can quickly figure out the best move for you given the search parameters you enter.

Being a photographer, this time of year means there’s lots of potential work.  Corporations want their holiday parties and special events captured, weddings and family gatherings are taking place, and no matter what people say, a smart phone is no match for a good camera in the hands of a pro.  So be ready on a moment’s notice to hop on a plane and get those money shots you’ve built your reputation on.  Just be sure to use a Groupon coupon when you do so you can save on all aspects of your trip.